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Discounts for Good Driving

Discounts for Good DrivingWhen you're trying to save money on auto insurance, one of the most crucial things you can do is to maintain a clean driving record. Not only will this help keep premiums low, but it could also earn you a discount that some providers call the "Good Driver" discount, and others refer to as the "Safe Driver" discount.

While there are a limited number of names for the good driver discount, every insurance company offers its own specific benefits. Some insurers give you a discount of 2% for every year that you don't have an at-fault accident, with a maximum discount of 20%, while others have a small discount for a clean driving record going back three years, with a larger one (up to 20%) for maintaining that same good record for five years or more.

More recently, many insurance companies have introduced "diminishing deductible" plans in addition to the standard safe/good driver discount. These plans sometimes require that you pay a fee to be part of them, but they'll reduce your deductible by a specified amount of money for every year you remain accident-free. The catch is that even a minor accident will set you back to "zero" on these plans.
Just as the specific discounts vary, so, too do the definitions of what constitutes safe or good driving. Some companies base it on a driving record with no at-fault accidents, while others require that you have no violations of any kind - even parking tickets.

As with many other discounts, even if you don't qualify for a good driving discount now, you may be able to have this discount applied at your first renewal after you <em>do</em> qualify. Be sure to ask your insurance agent.

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