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Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

It is common knowledge that young drivers find it difficult finding cheap car insurance for young drivers, especially first time teen drivers. Insurance providers will rate young drivers, particularly teen boys, as high risk drivers sue to the fact that research shows that young drivers tend to drive more recklessly, not experienced drivers that practice defensive driving, and they tend not to obey traffic laws. In addition, young drivers tend to have a high rate of accidents. For all of these reasons, young drivers tend to pay higher car insurance premiums. However, the good news is that there are ways that young drivers can find and purchase cheap car insurance.

The following is a helpful guide on finding cheap car insurance for young drivers:

Cheap Car Insurance for Young DriversDefensive Driving Programs: One way a young driver can get a discount on their car insurance is to complete a defensive driving program from an accredited driving school. The car insurance provider will require confirmation of completion which requires submitting the certificate provided upon completion of the program.

Drive a Cheap Older Car: If a young driver starts out driving an older car that does not have a high value, the insurance company will not increase premiums like they would with an expensive car. Also, there are certain cars that have a higher theft rate so to lower insurance premiums consider driving a car that has a low risk of theft.

Pay a Higher Deductible: If a young driver chooses to pay a higher deductible, it will lower the monthly premium as the deductible is the amount paid out-of-pocket if a driver makes a claim. It is important to have the money for the deductible if a claim has to be made.

Add Safety Features and Theft Prevention Features: If a young driver has such safety features as motorized seat belts, air bags, ABS brake systems, as well as theft deterrent devices such as a car alarm, insurance providers will offer discounts on their premiums.

Comparison Shop Online: One of the best ways to locate cheap car insurance is to search online. There are car insurance site that offer a free car insurance quote tool that users can use to acquire a number of different car insurance quotes from different insurance providers. One just has enter and some information and in a minute or so, they will receive the quotes. It allows for easy assessment of each quote in order to choose the cheapest quote that offers sufficient coverage.

Although insurance companies rate young drivers as a high risk, there are ways a young driver can find and buy cheap car insurance. Using the internet and taking advantage of all discounts that are offered can significantly reduce the amount young drivers pay for their car insurance.

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