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Auto Insurance and College Students

Auto Insurance and College StudentsIf you're like most college students, most of your time and money is focused on school (with maybe a little reserved for partying). You might be lucky enough to have wealthy parents, or a full-ride scholarship, but it's more likely that you've got a work-study job, and possibly another part time job on the side. You're probably also doing everything you can - living on ramen, having several roommates, etc., to reduce your expenses. One thing you can't reduce, however, is the need for car insurance. So what do you need to know about auto insurance for college students? Let us tell you.

First of all, unlike high school-aged drivers, students in colleges and universities are legal adults, which means that your parents can keep you on their insurance policy as long as you're in school, but you should be trying to transition to having coverage in your own name. Fortunately, auto insurance for college students comes with several discounts, some of which may be familiar from your days as a brand-new driver.

Most drivers in college can get a discount of up to 20% off their insurance premiums by being good students. What's a good student? For this purpose you have to achieve or maintain at least one of the following, and provide proof:

Other ways the cost of auto insurance for college students can be reduced are:

While it's true that auto insurance for college students still costs nearly as much as it does for high school drivers, there are a lot more discounts available to you because you are an adult. Sure, you may be able to save a little bit more by staying on your parents' policy, but if you make the move to having car insurance coverage in your own name, you'll be set to get loyalty discounts when you graduate and have to have your own policy.

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